Our Process

Each and every project is different in its own way like project objective, target market, etc. Therefore we follow a formal process which helps us in planning and execution of projects and keep project cost under control. Get a better feel for how we handle your project from start to completion.
1. Analyze Your Project

This first phase is the most important one and involves in depth analysis of your organizations objectives, strategies, needs and its limitations.

2. Make a Game-plan

In our second phase, we work closely with you to develop a custom plan tailored to match your organizations needs and budget.
3. Graphical Mockups

Presentation of design concepts comes in this phase, we create some professional and creative mockups of your site for your review and approval.
4. Development

In this phase, our programmers get to work and coding your site to today’s highest web standards for ensuring maximizing functionality.
5. Testing

To ensure that your site is 100% functional and cross browser compatible we test your website’s each and every module from the beginning.
6. Official Launch

In last phase, we upload the website on your server to make it live and quickly tested to ensure everything’s functioning properly on this new server.


With about a million of people accessing the web every day, it is very important for any company, business or organization to have a website which provides the information about their products and services. The aim of each website is unique and every company wants that their website plays an important role for creating his professional image between his visitors. With the help of our outstanding aesthetics and leading-edge technology, we create a powerful web presence of your business.

RNS Webtech, excels in designing highly creative, innovative and business oriented websites. In our website designing process we always keeping in mind your target audience and what your business is all about. To be the best we know how to highlight your business strength and advantages over your competitors. Our web designers creates an innovative and professional website for you business that leaves an unforgettable impression on your customers.